• What Makes You Smile?

  • Cosmetic Dentistry-Oak Brook DentistAs you go about your day, what makes you smile?  At our Oak Brook dentist office, we love watching new smiles appear on the faces of our patients.  Is it a clear sky and warm breeze?  Could it be a cuddly puppy you pass on the street?  Is it the close of a big sale you’ve spent hours organizing?  Maybe it’s a funny joke told around the dinner table.  Whatever makes you smile, did you ever stop and wonder about the benefits of it? 

    A simple smile has many worthwhile benefits.  Here are a few of the reasons we love them so much:

    1.  A smile portrays confidence.  Imagine feeling a bit nervous in a room full of strangers you’ve never met.  A smile makes you seem approachable and trustworthy.  It instills confidence in you and boosts your courage to strike up a conversation.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly people will warm to you and engage with you.


    1.  A smile eases anxiety and stress. Stress often eats away at us causing higher levels of anxiety.  Smiling can ease the stress you’re experiencing and bring things into focus.  If you are having bouts of anxiety or showing signs of stress, take 5 minutes and smile.  Read a funny book or watch a comedy for 5 minutes and feel the burdens weighing you down melt away.  Once you’ve managed to overcome your stress, you’ll find you can accomplish what you originally set out to do.


    1.  A smile attracts attention. People notice a smile.  It draws them in, welcoming.  It puts people at ease and makes them want to seek you out rather than avoid you.  The frowning grump in the corner is usually passed over for the happier person in the room.  It’s a natural instinct to steer clear of things that might make us miserable.


    1.  A smile increases productivity. Workplaces with happy employees report an increase in productivity and lower employee turnover.  Smiling people enjoy their jobs, support one another, and feel needed in the workplace.  The feeling of accomplishment and success gives employees a sense of pride.  In the home, a smile helps bring family closer together, happy to work toward a common goal.


    1.  A smile is contagious. Sharing a smile with a friend or stranger doesn’t cost a thing, yet it creates a lasting moment and memory.  More importantly, your smile is contagious to others and brightens their day.


    Our Oak Brook dentist team encourages smiles around the office, not only for the fun of it, but for the health benefits that come along with it; free of charge.   If you’ve been hiding your smile, then come in for a visit.  Our Cosmetic Dentistry services may be what you need to get your smile back.

    Let us help you find your smile so you can confidently share it with those around you.  A beautiful smile can give you the boost you need.  Your Oak Brook dentist and staff is always happy to offer suggestions that can rebuild your smile and help give you back the smile you need for a happier, healthier life.  Follow us on Facebook to learn more about ways to enrich your smile and oral health.