• Sweet Valentine’s and Dentures

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    Did you receive a valentine from your sweetheart?  As with many holidays, candy is the popular gift of choice.  Most Oak Brook dentist offices discourage sweets and candy so as to avoid cavities.  But, if you wear dentures, candy can be a bigger disaster.  The sugar left behind after consuming sweets is harmful to dentures, not just real teeth.  If you have partial or full dentures you need to be even more careful.


    When you wear dentures, chewing food requires both sides of your mouth.  If you bite down using only a single side of your teeth or mouth, dentures can become dislodged.  This leads to sore gums over time.  The irritation on gums is painful and may hinder your denture use until healed.



    Similar to braces wearers, extra precaution needs to be taken when consuming certain foods.  A quick visit with our Oak Brook dentist can answer any questions related to what you should avoid with dentures.  Corn should be cut off the cob and apples can be sliced.  Even healthy foods contain sugars that mix with the bacteria in your mouth.  So once you’ve finished eating, clean your mouth and dentures to avoid plaque growth that will harm your dentures.


    Valentine Candy

    While the majority of the population has a sweet tooth, hard candies and sticky candy are not your friend.  If you can’t resist a little treat, look to soft chocolates and other sweets that won’t stick to your dental device.  After you eat anything, it is a good idea to clean your dentures and rinse out your mouth.  This will avoid staining dentures and it will remove any sugar that may cause issues in your oral cavity.


    Proper Care for Dentures

    If you must eat sweets, do so when you are having your meal.  The saliva production in your mouth is already working to wash away food particles and sugar.  You can opt for healthier sweets, as well.  Frozen yogurt, fruit smoothies, and even cake are small treats that won’t harm your dentures.

    Once your meal has concluded, brush your dentures and clean your gums to remove food and sugar residue.  While you’re eating, remember that dentures can dry out when not in use so store them in water or wrapped in a damp paper towel.

    Talk with our Oak Brook dentist and staff to discuss any questions you have regarding denture care.  We recommend avoiding abrasive toothpastes and hard-bristled brushes when cleaning.  Opt instead for gentle toothpastes and a soft-bristled toothbrush.


    Hopefully, your Valentine gift this year was special and harmless for your dentures.  But if you need to visit our office due to an issue with your dentures, we’re here for you.  For more information on caring for your dentures, visit us on Facebook.  We look forward to seeing you there.