• Family Reunion?  Smile with Confidence

  • Dental ImplantThe start of spring means summer is right around the corner.  And with that, more than likely, your social calendar is starting to fill up with weddings and family reunions.  At A Center for Dental Implants, our Oak Brook dentist is here to ensure you look your best for your upcoming family reunion or special event.  

    Same Day Implants

    Family reunions and weddings are special occasions that bring together generations.  Besides spending time with loved ones and relatives that you haven’t seen in a while, chances are there will be plenty of cameras on hand to document the moment.  So are you ready for pictures?  If you’re worried about your smile, schedule an appointment with our Oak Brook dentist.  Perhaps you have a missing tooth that you’d like fixed.  Maybe you wish to avoid pain from chewing or talking that is a result of a damaged tooth.  Our Implanted Teeth in a Day service is the best way to restore your smile so you can focus on your family.


    What is an Implant?

    An implant begins with a titanium post which is inserted into your bone.  This post acts as the root of your missing tooth.  It forms the basis for the bridge or crown that will complete your smile restoration.  With the Implanted Teeth in a Day technology, we can build the dental device you need to complete your transformation.

    Our Oak Brook dentist uses this technology to help you get the smile you want.  Within one day you can be in and out of our office ready to smile with generations of your family.  Additionally, once your smile is restored, you’ll gain back the confidence you once had when meeting people face to face.


    Do You Need a Dental Implant?

    Implants may not be for everyone.  A quick consultation with our Oak Brook dentist can determine what sort of dental treatment plan will restore your teeth and smile.  For best results, schedule an appointment now so you have plenty of time for your procedure before your big day.  Implants are an option for denture wearers so you avoid the embarrassment of loose dentures while being able to enjoy the array of food choices.

    Other restorative procedures may be better suited for you.  A crown or a bridge for more than one tooth could require a little extra time in the chair so it’s better to act now than wait until the last minute.


    Our team is ready to help you look your best.  We’re happy to answer any questions you have and can provide you with a list of options that will restore your smile and give you the confidence you need to welcome family and guests.  Pop over to our Facebook page for more information about our services and consider giving us a call if you’re ready to gain back your beautiful smile.