• Commence Commencement with Whiter Teeth

  • Whitened Teeth Graduation DaySo the big day is finally here!  You’ve worked hard to earn your diploma and you’re ready to walk …no –run across the stage to receive it.  The dedication to your studies has paid off and whether you are on your way to a career, college, or your next endeavor, you want to look your best doing so.  A whiter smile may be just what you need to accept your diploma with greatness and our Oak Brook dentist is here to help. 


    Teeth Whitening

    If you are worried that your teeth aren’t as white as they can be, you’re probably right.  Late night coffee study sessions and dark colas with lots of caffeine are common causes of stained teeth that we see in young adults.  Teeth Whitening procedures can help you get whiter teeth so your smile will shine on graduation day.  There are a variety of options available as our Oak Brook dentist explains below.


    Store-bought Teeth Whitening Products

    Oral hygiene companies have many over-the-counter options for whiter teeth.  Specialized toothpaste, gel trays, and whitening strips are most commonly seen on store shelves.  These products are better at enhancing your professionally whitened teeth, and are not a permanent solution.  Still, they offer a temporary option for that last minute celebration.  Talk with our office about their usefulness and especially tooth sensitivity before purchasing these products.

    In-home Whitening

    Products that you can use on your own time but backed by our professional recommendation and experienced guidance are popular.  In some options, we create customized trays from an impression that is done in our office.  Once your trays are ready for use, you simply add a thin line of gel to the tray and insert the tray into your mouth.  The timeline of noticeable results varies by product and strength level as well as how often you plan on wearing the trays.  Options exist for overnight wear as well as day use.

    In-patient Whitening

    For the best results, schedule a teeth whitening visit with our Oak Brook dentist office.  Our quick procedure utilizes a solution that is applied to your teeth and then activated chemically in some situations, and with a light in others.  Before we begin, we’ll discuss the enamel color you hope to achieve as well as the procedure.


    Your commencement ceremony will be a memorable day.  Don’t let a not-so-white smile dampen your spirits as you go to accept your diploma.  Instead walk with the confidence you’ve earned and let your smile shine bright.  Call our office to schedule your Teeth Whitening appointment or visit us on Facebook to learn more about our procedures and cosmetic dentistry offerings. Congrats to the Class of 2018!