• Tips for a Healthy Summer

  • Dental Exam Oak Brook dentistWhen summer hits and school gets out, parents panic a little; racing to find activities that will occupy their children’s time.  A routine that seemed so perfect during months of school falls apart rather quickly.  If you’ve found your schedule slowly disintegrating, perhaps you’ll find our Oak Brook dentist staffs’ tips helpful.  Our goal is to keep you and your family healthy; as good oral hygiene leads to good overall health.   Your family’s health routine doesn’t have to come to an end just because it’s summer.


    Babies and Toddlers

    Summer schedules don’t affect young children much other than the longer days.  For the most part, you can stick to a regular bedtime routine.  If the extra hours of sunlight pose a problem, consider installing blackout curtains.  This is an inexpensive solution that will allow your child to get the amount of sleep they need to be well-rested.

    For nights when you are out longer and wish for a happy child tomorrow, pack their pjs, a toothbrush and floss so your kids can fall asleep on the way home without neglecting their oral hygiene.  Pick up an Oak Brook dentist toothbrush at your next dental appointment and keep it handy for these times.


    Elementary School-aged Children

    Summer can mean a lot of extra sugary treats; after all, who doesn’t love a visit from the ice cream truck or a pool-side snack.  Make an effort to pack healthy treats or stock your pantry and refrigerator with fruits and vegetables and whole-grain snacks.  When you are prepared ahead of time with smart snack choices, it’s easier to direct young children to make healthy choices.  Instead of giving in at the snack bar, children can be taught the benefit of healthy snacks.  This easily replaces unhealthy foods that cause cavities.


    Adolescents and Teens

    Perhaps one of the hardest things to do as a parent is to begin letting go and allowing your child to make their own choices.  If you’ve discussed proper oral hygiene with your child and practiced a good oral health regimen over the years, it shouldn’t be difficult for kids to remember to take care of their health.  However, our Oak Brook dentist understands that kids can be forgetful.  A chart or daily schedule can be helpful in these cases.  Include brushing and flossing, making the bed, reading time, and chores on the list as well as any other important items.


    Our hope is that, as a parent, you get to enjoy the aspects of summer with ease and that your family maintains a good oral hygiene regimen.  Our Oak Brook dentist and staff are happy to talk with you and your children about proper oral care at your upcoming appointment.  You can also visit our Facebook page for a refresher about good brushing and flossing skills.  Keeping your mouth in good health means your summer won’t be interrupted by dental appointments to treat a cavity due to unhealthy foods and poor brushing skills.