• A Look at Root Canal Therapy

  • Root canal Oak Brook dentistWhen a patient experiences tooth pain, it can be for a number of reasons.  An injury may have occurred, or tooth decay may be present.  Tooth pain is also the result of an infection or a cracked tooth.  The pain derives from the nerve in the tooth and can be minimal to excruciating.  Regardless of the level of pain, it is important to call your Oak Brook dentist as soon as possible.  Holding off on treatment can lead to an infection spreading from your oral cavity to your body and even your heart. 


    What to Expect

    As a result of tooth pain, our Oak Brook dentist will want to examine the area to determine the cause and thus a treatment plan.  X-rays are often taken in order to seek out the infection or to view the break of a tooth.  We occasionally will make an impression of the tooth, as well.  In some cases, a root canal is recommended; others may only have a need to fill a cavity.  Root canals are a solution when an infection has reached the dental pulp and nerve of the tooth.  But have no fear, with the advancements in dental technology, root canal treatments aren’t any more painful than getting a cavity filled.


    Root Canal Procedure

    Typically a root canal procedure is completed in one to two appointments.  At your first visit, our Oak Brook dentist will examine the tooth x-rays to look for infection.  Then, using a local anesthesia to numb the area first, a small hole is drilled into the tooth in order to remove all of the damaged area.  This process is similar to drilling out tooth decay before filling the cavity.  If an infection is present, medication is applied to treat the infection.  At this point, a temporary crown is used to protect the hole while the infection clears up.  If an infection is not present, in many cases, the root canal is sterilized and sealed, and prepped for restoration work in the same day.


    Next Steps in a Root Canal

    The process of removing damaged dental pulp can weaken the tooth, so to complete the procedure a post is inserted into the hole to provide strength to the tooth.  Our Oak Brook dentist then applies a crown to cover the tooth.  The crown is made from an impression to look exactly like the tooth it is replacing.


    Why a Root Canal is Necessary

    Without a root canal procedure, the decay present can cause bone loss and swelling, severe pain, and additionally, spread infection throughout your body.  A quick root canal provides relief and saves the tooth so that it lasts a lifetime.  For more oral health topics, visit our Facebook page or give us a call to discuss any tooth pain you are experiencing.  The faster you deal with tooth pain, the less invasive the procedure and the easier the healing process.