• Go Back to School with a Healthy Mouth

  • Dental Exam Oak Brook dentistSchool doors are opening across the nation, bringing an end to children’s summer fun and a smile to parents’ faces.  Getting ready for the school year often means school supplies, a first day of school outfit, and a fresh haircut.  Additionally, doctor appointments, physicals, and annual shots are brought up to date.  But, what about oral health?  Our Oak Brook dentist encourages you to add a regular trip to the dentist on to your to-do list for back to school along with the following tips on oral hygiene.


    Schedule a 6-month reminder

    Add a reminder to your calendar or book your bi-yearly Oak Brook dentist exam now.  It’s tough to pull kids out of school for an appointment, especially as they get older and the learning topics advance.  Compare your school’s calendar to yours in order to find a way to make the best use of your time.  Regular appointments keep your oral health in good hands and prevent many oral issues down the road.


    Develop an oral hygiene routine

    Chances are, over the last 3 or 4 months, you’ve let a few things slide and your children haven’t reminded you.  Brushing and flossing tends to be one of the first things forgotten when summer hits.  This could be due to later evenings filled with fun and vacationing schedules.  It might be as simple as forgetting the toothbrushes at home while you’re on the road.  Make a checklist for your child for their before school and evening routine.  The checklist will vary based on the child’s age but will add a beneficial sense of responsibility that will help them the rest of their lives.


    Encourage health eating

    Kids will come home ravenous after a day of learning.  Keep healthy snacks on hand that promote body health and oral health.  Apples, carrots, bananas, and milk and water are great snacks that aid in oral health.  Nuts and vegetables are great, too.  Even a half of a sandwich is helpful to get the child through the afternoon until dinnertime.  A healthy snack will give them the energy they need to finish out the day and keep them from choosing unhealthy carbs and sugary treats.  If your child has an after school activity or goes to after care, pack an item to go if not provided for the student.


    Kids look forward to school and the promise of seeing old friends.  As a parent, you work hard to ensure they are ready for the year and get off to a good start.  Do the same for their oral health and they will look forward to brushing and flossing their teeth.  Remind them of the benefits of a healthy mouth and how a visit to their Oak Brook dentist and proper oral hygiene will preserve their amazing smiles for life.  For more great tips visit us on Facebook or give our office a call; we’re happy to help you get the best care for your teeth.