• Celebrate Your Smile in September!

  • Dental Implant Oak Brook dentistAt A Center for Dental Implants we love the month of September.  Why?  Because it’s Dental Implant Awareness Month, of course!  While many of you may find this a bit obscure, the goal of this awareness is to build upon the blocks of oral health knowledge.  And with National Dental Hygiene month upon us in October, what better place to start than educating patients about their smiles?  Our Oak Brook dentist team provides a variety of services, including dental implants.  We focus on your comfort and oral health and do what it takes to make your smiles great.


    Comfortable Oral Solutions

    Dental implants utilize a post implanted into the bone and a crown, which is fitted to the post, to create a natural looking synthetic tooth.  If you’ve never had an implant, it may seem daunting.  However, the truth is that a dental implant is one of the most comfortable ways to replace a missing tooth.  At our Oak Brook dentist practice, we specialize in patient comfort so that getting a new smile is a pain-free experience.   The implant feels like your natural tooth and oral hygiene is no different than taking care of your regular teeth.


    Easy Smiles

    Smiles come easy when you love your smile.  Don’t let a missing tooth stand in the way of work, your social life, or your family.  Teeth are affected by medicine you take, illness, accidents, and personal oral hygiene.  And, if you have a missing tooth, it can affect your attitude and self-esteem.  Smile easy knowing your teeth are in good hands with our Oak Brook dentist staff.  We have decades of experience improving smiles and the education and skill you deserve in a professional dentist.  Dental implants are the perfect solution for maintaining your oral health and for keeping your other teeth in good condition.


    Advantages of Dental Implants

    When a tooth falls out or is removed, the rest of the teeth in your mouth are at risk for decay.  Additionally, the remaining teeth can move into that vacated space.  This results in crooked teeth, jaw pain, weakened bones, and more.  An implant helps you avoid all of these issues and keeps your smile looking fantastic.  Then, once your smile is back, you’ll also have the self-confidence you need to carry on in life.  A smile creates a lasting impression and a great smile tells people a lot about you.


    If you have thought about getting dental implants, or wish to learn more, follow us on Facebook or call our office.  We’ll schedule a consultation appointment with one of our Oak Brook dentist professionals so you can see how a dental implant can help you.