• Halloween and Hygiene: Sweets and Teeth

  • Dental Implants Oak Brook dentistOctober is National Dental Hygiene Month; a topic near and dear to our Oak Brook dentist team’s hearts.  Many dentists and hygienists use this month to educate patients on proper oral care, including us.  However, after a month of education, how ironic that our work is put to the test with the treats of Halloween?  Our goal this month is to teach oral health care so that by the time your young ones are out gathering up their bounty, they know how to take care of their teeth.


    Brushing and Flossing

    Oral health begins at home in the foods we eat along with the care we take in hygiene.  The American Dental Association recommends that everyone brushes their teeth two times a day.  Ideally, after breakfast and before bed are the best times to brush.  This eliminates the awful morning breath and puts your mouth to bed free of bacteria and decay.


    Tricks and Treats

    When it comes to trick-or-treating, set a plan with your children.  Know that candies that are gummy and sticky in nature are much harder to remove from your teeth than other candies that melt in your mouth.  Our Oak Brook dentist advises patients with certain dental work to avoid candy and foods that stick to teeth and dental work such as dentures, implants, and braces.  They can damage these items and set your treatment plan off course.  Even if you have your natural teeth, these products are difficult to remove.  Make sure your children brush and floss after consuming these items and drink plenty of water.  Or, just avoid them altogether.


    Halloween Ghouls

    The little bacteria that are left behind after eating causes plaque and tooth decay which leads to cavities.  Consider donating your loot or only eating a few pieces of candy before tossing it out.  The less sugar you consume, the better your health.  Have a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals rather than carbohydrates and sugars and you’ll avoid a ghoulish smile.


    Our Oak Brook dentist and staff understand the joy in seeing all the ghosts and goblins frolicking from house to house.   We just want to make sure your oral health doesn’t suffer the consequences.  Let children enjoy their bounty as well as good oral health.  With a plan that everyone can agree on, you’ll ensure their smile won’t be next year’s jack-o-lantern model.


    If you would like more information on oral health, check us out on Facebook.  We wish you a happy haunting and a healthy Halloween.