• A Pack a Day Keeps Your Smile Away


    Smile makeover Oak Brook dentistNow days you can’t look too far before hearing about or seeing the next great challenge.  At our Oak Brook dentist office we’ve heard of the 30 day ab challenge, the ALS water bucket challenge, and unfortunately some less helpful challenges thanks to various online media channels.  But one great challenge that doesn’t get enough recognition is the no smoking challenge.  November plays host to the Great American Smoke-out Day every year.  The point is to not smoke for 24 hours.  The goal is to show people that they can go a day without smoking.  As their local dentist, Oak Brook residents who smoke should visit with us about national smoke-out day and even a smile makeover if years of smoking have ruined your smile.


    The Ill-effects of Smoking

    We know smoking is terrible for your lungs, but did you also realize the damage it can cause to your smile?  Smoking causes yellowing teeth, gum disease, oral cancer, bad breath, and a host of other problems.  There is also a strong correlation between smoking and tooth decay.  This can be a result of bad oral hygiene practices or excessive bacteria and chronic infections that build up from the chemicals used to make cigarettes.  Overall, smoking does great damage to your smile.  If you’re ready to quit and need a goal to strive for (other than just good health), talk with our Oak Brook dentist about how a smile makeover can change your life.


    Makeover your Smile and your Health

    At our Oak Brook dentist office, we provide a variety of services that will restore your smile.  A full smile makeover may include some of the following:

    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Veneers
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Implants

    A smile makeover is a chance to restore your smile to the way it once was.  If you missed National Smoke-out Day, create your own day.  Take it one day at a time, and start small.  Changing up your habits and deviating from your normal routine for even one day can help you stop smoking.  You can also set up a consult with our Oak Brook dentist to see how we can improve your smile.  Knowing what the finish line looks like is sometimes the greatest push we need to accomplish anything.


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