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  • Dr. Kenneth Rundle

    Dr. James D'Alise

    Dr. Kenneth Rundle became interested in pursuing a career in dentistry in his freshman year at Brown University in Providence, RI. He wanted a career that would allow artistic expression as well as participation in the healing arts of medicine. Dentistry seemed the perfect combination of both worlds. He graduated with a B.A. in Psychology  in June of 1971 and headed for Atlanta, Georgia, where he entered the fall freshman class of Emory University’s School of Dentistry.

    Dr. Rundle sailed through his dental education at the top of his class and graduated with honors as a member of the national dental honor fraternity, Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Having acquired a Navy scholarship during his time at Emory to help defray the cost of his dental education, Dr. Rundle entered active duty Naval service shortly after graduation and travelled to New York City. There, as part of the four-doctor contingent of the Naval Support Activity Brooklyn Dental Clinic, he spent three years honing his skills on a wide variety of patients. His patient population consisted of 65,000+ members of the U.S. Armed forces scattered around New York City and several hundred thousand retired military personnel living in the greater metropolitan area.

    Following completion of his active duty obligation, Dr. Rundle returned to Georgia and opened a dental practice in Peachtree City, a suburb of Atlanta. While in Georgia, Dr. Rundle felt the need to give back something to less fortunate people for repayment of the many blessings he had received during his lifetime. As a result, he cofounded Children’s Cross Connection International, a (501-c3) Christian aid organization whose goal it was to travel to less fortunate parts of the world and treat medical and dental conditions that were not being adequately dealt with by local health agencies. Dr. Rundle and other like-minded medical and dental professionals traveled to El Salvador (20+times), Ethiopia (8 times), Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, and other similar locales to accomplish this outreach. In 1989, Dr. Rundle was granted the highest award given to a civilian by the government of El Salvador for his efforts and made a knight of the National Order of José Matias Delgado.

    In 2007, Dr. Rundle sold his practice in Georgia and travelled to Munster, Indiana, to marry his sweetheart, a mother of two whom had met on an earlier mission trip to Ethiopia. He also purchased a dental practice from a retiring local dentist and moved it to Munster, Indiana. Furthermore, Dr. Rundle, along with his new bride, founded Children’s Hope International, an organization dedicated to helping the less fortunate wherever government services, here or abroad, failed to meet basic humanitarian, medical, or dental needs. Since then, Dr. Rundle has also worked in the corporate sector and authored a book, “Open Wide! Things Your Mother Never Told You About Going to the Dentist”. It is an introduction to the workings of modern dentistry “behind the curtain” so to speak so ordinary people can make decisions regarding their dental care with a better understanding of their needs and the profession as it exists today.

    Dr. Rundle now brings his 43 years of experience and advanced training to address the needs of his patients here in suburban Illinois and Indiana.

  • Dr. Amir Danesh

    Dr. James D'Alise

    Dr. Amir Danesh got his DDS on 2008 and received his postdoctoral specialty training in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry at New York University. Dr. Danesh career goal is putting the patient`s interest first and minimize any inconvenience and stress to patients by making the process noninvasive and more efficient. He is a big believer of evidence based dentistry and uses current techniques and industry breakthroughs supported by scientific evidence, for providing the highest quality of care to his patients.

    Dr. Danesh is a board certified periodontist and Diplomate of American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Danesh was selected as a winner of first prize in a Clinical Showcase Scholarship from New York University. He was also selected as the recipient of Award for Academic excellence for his scholarly activities. He believes that clinical research plays a vital role in the enhancement of patient care. He has contributed to publication of 2 books and published more than 20 papers in prestigious journals including Journal of American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Implant Dentistry, Clinical Implant Dentistry and related research, Journal craniofacial surgery, Journal of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Journal of Periodontal Research.

    He is a reviewer as well as editorial member of many professional scientific journals and has several oral and poster presentations at national and international meetings such as American Academy of Periodontology. His specialty clinical training and academic research focus on various advanced and complicated implant and oral surgeries including bone regeneration and grafting, sinus lift procedure, ridge augmentation, atraumatic surgical extractions and site preservation, soft tissue augmentation and treatment of gum and peri-implant diseases. In addition, he has been trained in Nitrous Oxide and Intravenous Sedation that help patients to be comfortable and calm when undergoing dental procedures. IV sedation or "twilight sleep" will enable you to tolerate as well as not remember procedures that may be very uncomfortable for patients.

    Dr. Danesh is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Academy of Periodontology, American Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, a member of both the American and International Association for Dental Research, The International Association for Orthodontics, and American Orthodontics Society. Dr. Danesh is passionate about the specialty of periodontology and implant dentistry and makes a serious commitment to continuing education by attending the professional meetings to stay updated in the field. He is bilingual in both English and Farsi.