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  • Sweet Valentine’s and Dentures

    Did you receive a valentine from your sweetheart?  As with many holidays, candy is the popular gift of choice.  Most Oak Brook dentist offices discourage sweets and candy so as to avoid cavities.  But, if you wear dentures, candy can be a bigger disaster.  The sugar left behind after [...]

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    What Makes You Smile?

    As you go about your day, what makes you smile?  At our Oak Brook dentist office, we love watching new smiles appear on the faces of our patients.  Is it a clear sky and warm breeze?  Could it be a cuddly puppy you pass on the street?  Is it the close of a big sale you’ve spent hours [...]

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    Is My Dental Implant Causing Bad Breath?

    The short answer is no; a dental implant is not the cause of your bad breath.  There are a number of reasons you may have bad breath, and the severity of the odor is often parallel to the cause.  If you suffer from halitosis, why not make an appointment to see us before the holidays?  At A Center[...]

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    Bonding and Bridges and Crowns—Oh My!

    Oak Brook dentists Drs. D’Alise and Adatia are the people to trust when you need Restorative Dentistry.  But what exactly does Restorative Dentistry entail?  Beyond your regular cleanings and daily oral regimen, do you have a need to repair your teeth due to an accident or health issue?  The [...]

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