• Complete And Partial Dentures

  • Dentures are a simple, cost effective way to restore your smile and restore function to your mouth.

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    What is a denture?

    A denture is a partial or full set of teeth attached to an acrylic base that fits over the gums and/or clasps around remaining teeth.

    What are some of the different types of dentures?

    Full Dentures

    Conventional complete dentures consist of an upper denture and a lower denture.

    The upper denture is made to replace your teeth in your upper jaw. It covers your upper palate (roof of your mouth) and fits securely on your upper gums.

    The lower denture is made to take the place of all your teeth in your lower jaw. It rests on your jaw and stays in place with the help of your tongue, saliva, and cheek muscles.  

    Your mouth must be clear of all natural teeth before conventional complete dentures are placed. If some of your teeth need to be removed, the dentures will be placed once your gums have healed.

    Implant-Supported Complete Dentures

    Like conventional complete dentures, implant-supported complete dentures replace your natural teeth. Instead of relying solely on the structure, tongue, and cheek muscles, this type of dentures uses implants to keep them secure.

    Implant-supported complete dentures are placed on healthy gums that have fully recovered from extractions and/or implant placements.

    Immediate Dentures

    Immediate dentures are placed immediately following tooth extractions.  There is no wait for gums to heal and usually involve a follow-up or two after the gums heal.  

    Partial Dentures

    Partial dentures are also comprised of artificial teeth attached to an acrylic base made to look like your natural teeth and gums. Below the plastic base they usually have a framework that attaches to your teeth, usually with metal or gum-colored plastic clasps.

    How do I take care of my dentures?

    Dentures require special attention to keep them working well and looking good.

    They are delicate, and must be treated gingerly.  When not in your mouth, wrap your denture in a cloth or napkin and use only cool water to clean then, since the plastic can warp in hot water. NEVER put a denture in the dishwasher! When not in your mouth, dentures need to be stored in water, so they will not dry out and become brittle. Be sure to keep your dentures out of the reach of pets and children.


    Like your natural teeth, your dentures need to be cleaned well.

    Use cool water and a soft denture brush to clean the denture, gently removing food particles.  Be sure to rinse well before placing back in your mouth.

    Do not use toothpaste or hard bristled toothbrushes to clean them. They may be too hard and can scratch your dentures. This can leave them more susceptible to stains and harder to clean. Use denture cleaners that meet the American Dental Association’s standards for effectiveness and safety. These products have the ADA Seal of Acceptance on them.

    You must also clean your mouth as you would usually do with a toothbrushes and toothpaste to maintain your oral health.


    Avoid foods that may discolor or damage your dentures.

    You should also visit the dentist to make sure your dentures and mouth are functioning together correctly. Besides checking the fit of your dentures, the dentist will also look for any signs of oral diseases.  

    How do I know if I should get dentures?

    At A Center for Dental Implants, we can help you decide if dentures are a good option to help restore your smile! We work with the top denture lab specialists in our surrounding areas to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

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