• White Composite Fillings

  • Composite resin (or white) fillings are used to treat small to mid-sized cavities.  In years past, amalgam (or silver) fillings would have been used, but modern composite restorations are becoming the standard for their strength and aesthetic popularity.  

    After 30 years working in dentistry, A Center for Dental Implants has stayed up-to-date with all the latest technological advancements to bring you the best composite fillings available in Oak Brook, Illinois today.

    Caring for Composite Restorations


    A well-balanced diet supports good oral health.  Eat well and stay hydrated.  Dehydration can lower the level of saliva in your mouth which can allow harmful bacteria to flourish and increase your chances of tooth decay.  

    Proper Oral Hygiene

    The ADA recommends brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste.  Flossing at least once a day helps to remove bacteria and plaque between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach.  

    Regular dental visits

    Staying on a regular recall schedule will help prolong the investment made in your restorations.  The dentist will check to make sure the composite is intact and there is no decay creeping around the filling. A thorough cleaning should be done by dental professionals regularly as well, to help prevent decay and gum disease.

    Are Composites Right for Me?

    Composites are great alternatives to amalgam and gold fillings. Composites are more aesthetically pleasing and stronger than amalgam fillings.  

    They take a little longer to place than amalgam restorations, but it is worth it. Prior to your restoration appointment, we will discuss your options and find a treatment that is right for you.

    At A Center for Dental Implants, every team member is professionally and expertly trained to deliver the best care possible. We have been providing the best available dental treatment to the communities of Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Westmont, Hillside, Westchester, and Elmhurst, Illinois for over 30 years. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide our patients with virtually pain-free and efficient dental care. Call (630) 571-2500 today to schedule an appointment today.